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Tomb Raider Legend

Tomb Raider Legend

  • Download the demo
  • Tomb Raider Legend Demo Review
  • Tomb Raider Legend Walkthrough
  • Tomb Raider Legend Cheats(for the PS2)
  • Karima Adebibe(Pictures of EIDOS' official Lara Croft Model)

    What is Tomb Raider?

    According to Wikipedia's entry on Tomb Raider: Tomb Raider is a 1996 video game originally published by Eidos Interactive and developed by Core Design. The game features the video game character Lara Croft, a buxom female archaeologist in search of ancient treasures, á la Indiana Jones. There have been several sequels.

    What is Tomb Raider 4U?

    Tomb Raider 4U is a fansite for the Tomb Raider video games, offering game help, such as walkthroughs and cheats, pictures, such as fan art, game screenshots and photos of Lara Croft models, donwloads, such as fan made videos, patches and savegames, and an interactive forum. We've been offering helpful information, pictures and media since 2002.

    Website Reviews

    Ijji Gaming Portal Review

    At this day and age, as the online gaming community continues to grow, popular gaming sites like World of Warcraft and Neopets get even bigger, while promising new websites get launched, hoping to get their share of gaming enthusiasts on the Net. Such is the case of the Ijji gaming portal, which offers a variety of single and multiplayer games and incorporates some interesting features into its community system.

    At first glance, the design of the website catches the surfer's eye with its bright and vibrant orange color. The sign up process is fast and simple; after filling in a couple of forms, you are ready to start playing. The new user gets introduced to the concept of ijji avatars, (see sample picture here) which can be further customized when the user has gained some experience by playing games on the site. The idea is that you earn gems as you play, which you can use to enhance your avatar's appearance and which increase your player status when accumulated. The lack of variety of stuff you can do with your accumulated gems might seem a bit discouraging at first, but there are plans for expansion in the future, and the avatar wardrobe contains a lot of interesting items and is updated daily.

    There's a large selection of arcade, puzzle and card games to play. The multiplayer games are obviously what mostly attracts gamer to the site, judging by their number of players. The single player games however, are quite enjoyable as well, as they have clean graphics, catchy music and load fast most of the time. Anime fans will love the character and creature designs since they're very close to the Japanese anime/manga style.

    Ijji's most popular game is Gunbound Revolution. In order to play the game, the user needs to download a 115 MB file to their computer. I found the server to be very reliable when downloading the file. Actually playing Gundbound was a lot of fun, mostly because of the cute characters and the sunny locations I got to visit. There's a lot more to this game than meets the eye; such as a large variety of mobiles and items, the ability to give gifts to your friends and the ability to customize your in-game appearance. It all comes down to a matter of personal taste in games, but if you like action games with rpg elements and are a little trigger happy (I am looking at you, Miss Croft) then you'll probably find this game a lot of fun to play. (Too bad nobody else from Greece is on the site; I was able to find a lot of greek players on Neopets when I was playing it).

    To sum up, offers the player a quality gaming experience, enhanced by a handful of interesting community features. The website is not big enough to create a true sense of community yet, but it has all the potential to grow, so visitors of Tomb Raider 4U are encouraged to visit and give Gunbound Revolution a try.

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    You can see how much fun it is when you combine the idea to gamble online with a Tomb Raider theme.



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