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Lara's Black Catsuit - Info about the Catsuit

Lara's Catsuit

The catsuit might not be Lara's favorite outfit, but every time she does wear one of these, she picks a really sleek and sexy catsuit. In Tomb Raider Chronicles (Tomb Raider 5) in the Tower Block episode, Lara Croft wears a shiny black PVC catsuit with Matrix style sunglasses and a mouth bead.

Zip, a guy who gives her assistance, can communicate with her via the headset.It's obvious that the creators have been influenced heavily by the Matrix movie. Anyway, it's a very slick outfit, one of my favorites. Lara got the chance to wear a similar catsuit in London in Tomb Raider 3, but the one in Chronicles is a lot better because it's as black as it can get and it's all in one piece.

Real-world Catsuit


Pictures of Lara's Catsuit

Catsuit Catsuit

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