Chibi anime - How to create cool Chibi anime effects

Chibi anime. Chibis are smaller, cutified versions of anime characters. This is a chibi anime drawing tutorial to help you make your chibis look cute and realistic.

Chibi anime

Chibi anime

The chibi above is from Duo, a Gundam Wing pilot (not mine). Look how the eyes are exaggerated and the body is really tiny. There is no nose and the clothes have no details. Here's an animated chibi from Zechs Merquise. This one has a nose, but its design is simple as well.

This (rather rough!) image illustrates how to create chibi anime characters (a picture is worth a thousand words!).

Chibi Anime

See? You draw anime characters using the circles thing, but chibis are just a huge faces with a really small and simple body. Have fun drawing chibis!


Caroline's sketches

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We hope you found our chibi anime tutorial useful!