Unconscious Girls - Picture of an Unconscious Girl

Unconscious Girls. I have drawn a picture of an unconscious girl and a man holding her in his arms. Sadly, that's not what usually happens with cute unconscious girls!

Unconscious Girl

Unconscious girl

When I showed my unconscious girl drawing to my family, they were like, is she dead? Which is a good thing, because it means I got the expressions and the body position right. I also like how the man turned out. I especially like the way he looks at the unconscious girl (shit, what am I going to do now???).

unconscious girls

In order to draw realistic unconscious girls (or boys for that matter) you need to get the position right. It took a fair bit of erasing to finally draw a good unconscious girl.

And yes, the word is unconscious, not unconsious, not unconcious and definitely not unconcsious!


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We hope you enjoyed our drawings of unconscious girls.