Shirtless Boys - Pictures of Cute Boys Shirtless

(awkardly drawn, yet cute shirtless boys ^_^) Shirtless Boys. Here are some pictures of shirtless boys I've drawn. Not just any boys though - the two cute boys I keep drawing with remarkable consistency, shirtless in their boxers or jeans. The shirtless boys look cute, I think, even though I have difficulty drawing muscles and stuff.

Shirtless Boys

Cute Shirtless Boys

Here is the picture first shirtless boy; drawn with pencil in 15 minutes.

Shirtless Boys

He's just had a shower... he was supposed to be in his boxers but his pants look more like jeans, but, hey, he's cute and shirtless with an adorable sulky look on his face, no?

Another shirtless boy, this time, he has long hair and he's not really shirtless - but hey, his shirt is unbuttoned all the way and he's cute. Only thing is, I drew this picture in class on the back of a book with some crappy pen, that's why it looks weird. [I wonder if I could get some boys to pose shirtless for me - in order to draw pictures of shirtless boys with all the muscles showing properly I need a model! Volunteers?]

Boys shirtless

So, these were my cute shirtless boys. Yes, I like cute boys that have the "bishonen quality".

Nasty Pictures Boys Smoking [well, nothing particularly nasty here]

Drunk Chicks literally...

Girls Posing wtf? why aren't they naked? And why do they have special powers!!!

Girls Washing Cars and being none too happy about it!

Shirtless Boys [badly drawn, yet cute shirtless boys ^_^]

Unconscious Girls as in sleeping beauty, not as in, hey, she's out, let's jump her [perverts!]

Women Catfights with no clawing but with special powers [again!]

More nasty pictures coming soon, as I discover more about the wonderful world of adult searches... and then proceed to make fun of it.

Hope you enjoyed my shirtless boys drawings. I have more pictures with guys in their boxers or swim wear [boys, shirtless!!!], but they're not drawings, so I am not going to post them here.