Nasty Pictures - Really NASTY pictures (A nasty surprise, perhaps 0_o ?)

Nasty Pictures. Searching for nasty stuff online, aren't you? Well, here you will find some pretty nasty pictures, but depending on your point of view, you might find the nasty pictures funny or just a nasty surprise. ^_^

Nasty Pictures

Nasty Pictures

Believe me, I never wanted to know what nasty stuff males search for on the web, but being in an all male (except me) class has forced me to view some really nasty pictures, the result of boys playing around with search engines in Computer Class. Some of them don't know what to search for, so they type in "sex" or "porn" and wait to see what happens [rolls eyes]. Others are more educated - they know exactly what to type in to get to the nasty pictures.

And it's not fair you know, that they are able to find nasty pictures of girls whereas guys remain clothed and dignified [most of the time]. To my nasty surprise, when you search for "girls washing cars" you get a lots of results with pictures featuring naked or topless females! If you search for "boys" or "guys washing cars" though, you don't even get one shirtless guy. This is what I call nasty.

This page, my friends, is my revenge! What is a girl to do if the web's full of nasty pictures of girls? Fill it with nasty pictures of guys? That would be a good idea, but I want to keep my dignity, thank you very much. I can however have some fun - exploiting mens weakness for exploiting women's attributes [cut the feministic crap, please!!!].

Click on any of the links below to see what I mean. Don't be afraid, this site is clean and made to make you laugh [well, to make me laugh, and I have way too much free time and a perverted sense of humor]. Didn't bother to read the text below? You're in for a nasty surprise. On to the nasty pictures...

Nasty Pictures Boys Smoking [well, nothing particularly nasty here]

Drunk Chicks literally...

Girls Posing wtf? why aren't they naked? And why do they have special powers!!!

Girls Washing Cars and being none too happy about it!

Shirtless Boys [badly drawn, yet cute shirtless boys ^_^]

Unconscious Girls as in sleeping beauty, not as in, hey, she's out, let's jump her [perverts!]

Women Catfights with no clawing but with special powers [again!]

More nasty pictures coming soon, as I discover more about the wonderful world of adult searches... and then proceed to make fun of it.

Did you enjoy our nasty pictures? [snicker].