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Ghost Pictures.

Ghosts can be cute too, but when you see all these scary ghost pictures on other websites, doesn't it creep you out? Here are some ghost pictures (animated gifs too!). If you want to see scary ghost pictures, we have a spooky ghost photo as well!

Ghost Pictures

Ghost Pictures

Ghost pictures Ghost pictures

Okay, so these two ghost pictures aren't really scary. The first one is actually cute, don't you think, the way the little ghosty holds its hands before its eyes and then boos at you? And the second one, a baby ghost dancing around? This isn't scary, it's just plain cute!

Here's another ghost picture, not particularly scary either, but you could use it on a Halloween themed webpage if you like, because it's a nice animated gif.

Scary Ghost pictures

Didn't get scared by these ghost pictures did you? But hey, here's a ghost picture that might be one of the few real ghost pictures ever taken. The mysterious brown lady!

Scary Ghost picture

Is this picture scary or what? It intends to show the ghost of the 'Brown Lady' that haunts Raynham Hall in England. The image is widely believed to be one of the best and most convincing of all the known photographs of ghosts. In many publications it is presented as actual photographic proof of the existence of ghosts. I think it does look like a real ghost picture, but I am not 100% sure. I mean, who can be?

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We hope you enjoyed our Ghost pictures.