Skinny Girls - Pictures of a Skinny Girl

Skinny Girls. I like drawing skinny girls, that is, girls with elongated bodies and skinny legs and waists. So, here's a picture of a skinny girl I drew recently. For some reason, I always draw skinny girls with long blonde or dark hair. Like the drawing?

Skinny Girl

About the Skinny Girl Drawing

I started drawing the skinny blonde girl from the rear. I then drew the feet and added some lines to make the clothing look more realistic. Then I drew the waist, then the arms, which aren't particularly skinny really, and then the long, silky hair.

I then got my father to scan my skinny girl drawing so that I could colorize it on the PC. The jeans do look nice after the added effects, don't they? Notice that the girl is not tall, it's a little fragile-looking skinny girl in tight jeans.

Check back for more pictures of skinny girls.


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